What is the maximum annual benefit?

While the majority of dental insurance plans have a maximum limit on services received, there is no annual limit to the benefits received under the DentalCom Insurance Plan, Inc.

Can individuals purchase the DentalCom Insurance plan?

DentalCom Insurance Plan, Inc. is only available to businesses at this time.

Does my business qualify?

DentalCom Insurance Plan, Inc. is available to businesses with 20 or more employees, with 50% of those employees opting for coverage. If your business has less than 20 employees, please call the DentalCom Plan Administrator, Neil Armitage, at 715.387.1702, to see if your business might meet certain conditions.

What is the waiting period for eligibility?

There is no waiting period. Employees may receive the dental care they need when they need it.

What if I have a pre-existing condition?

There are no limitations for pre-existing conditions.

Can employees choose their own dentist?

Yes, patients have their choice of provider from among the 14 practitioners at Dental Clinic of Marshfield.

Where are claims filed?

Because DentalCom Insurance Plan, Inc. is administered by Dental Clinic of Marshfield S.C., there are no claims to be filed.

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