A dentist - not an insurance company - should determine the dental care your employees receive.

The greatest benefits of the DentalCom Insurance Plan? It's cost-effective for business owners and provides comprehensive dental coverage for employees with minimal out-of-pocket expense.

Why business owners like DentalCom Insurance?

DentalCom Insurance is administered locally by the Dental Clinic of Marshfield,S.C. and all services covered by the plan are provided by the professionals at Dental Clinic of Marshfield, S.C. That means you:

  • Can offer cost-effective, comprehensive dental insurance that helps you recruit and retain employees
  • May minimize employee absences caused by poor health associated with dental conditions
  • Increase operational efficiencies with streamlined no-claim insurance processing

Why employees like DentalCom Insurance?

DentalCom ensures your employees get the dental care they need when they need it. We offer:

  • 100% coverage for diagnostic and preventative oral health care
  • No annual limit on benefits
  • No waiting period for eligibility
  • Minimal lab co-pays
  • Up to 10% co-pay for services
  • Comprehensive dental care in one convenient location provided by the 12 general dentists, 20 hygienists, one orthodontist, and a periodontist at Dental Clinic of Marshfield,S.C.

DentalCom Insurance Plan, Inc. is available to businesses with 20 or more employees, with 50% of those employees opting for coverage.

Maximum employee benefits — minimum employer expense. DentalCom Insurance Plan, Inc.

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